Data access

The role of the Dissemination Department is to facilitate access to the 8 major LifeObs surveys, the TCM databases (INSEE), and existing French surveys on life history. The department will also be responsible for showcasing these surveys to the general public.

The first objective is to centralise the data and standardise the survey documentation according to international standards. To this end, an inventory of the data and documentation will be carried out.

The second objective is to increase the visibility of these surveys among prospective users. Dissemination activities targeting the scientific and academic community will be carried out and the survey results will be presented to the general public. The University Data Platforms (PUD) of TGIR Progedo—a national network that is active throughout Metropolitan France, within the framework of the Houses of Human Sciences—will also be mobilised.

The third objective is to promote the (re)use of life history surveys. For researchers, professors, doctoral students, and Master’s students, these surveys (the documentation and the data) will be made available primarily through TGIR Progedo’s Quetelet-Progedo-Diffusion data catalogue

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