EDP (échantillon démographique permanent) Permanent demographic sample

The Permanent demographic sample (EDP) is a large-scale socio-demographic panel set up in France to study fertility, mortality, family life, geographical mobility within the national territory, social and occupational mobility, career salaries and living standards, as well as the possible interactions between these different dimensions.

There are two possible options for studying trajectories: surveying individuals on their past trajectories or, using a panel to track individuals to, in turn, collect information about them over time. This second approach, which is that of the EDP, is time-intensive but provides information that is not affected by recall bias.

By leveraging administrative data or re-using census data, the EDP can be a particularly cost-effective way of reducing the response burden.

Due to its size, the EDP can be used to conduct detailed analyses that take into account generational effects and differentiations based on qualifications, background, and geographical location.[1] 


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